Why I Love Being an OBM

Every modern business needs a killer online presence. But who are the behind-the-scenes superstars managing your virtual landscapes? Welcome to the world of OBMs.

If you’ve delved into the online marketing world, chances are you’ve come across an OBM or two. Maybe you’ve already experienced these hustlers in action. Or perhaps you’ve been enticed by becoming one because you’re longing for more freedom and flexibility in your career. Either way, OBMs are game-changers when it comes to rocking the digital realm.

Why I Love Being an OBM

What is the meaning of OBM?

A virtual-based support professional who manages the day-to-day activities of online-based businesses, including the management of projects, operations, and team members.

Basically, an OBM works very closely with the client to understand their vision, plans, and executes processes to achieve that vision, and delegates and oversees the work required to get there. Ultimately, our main goal as an OBM is to take over the daily operations of an online business to ‘free up’ the business owner. This means they can concentrate on being a visionary leader, rather than hustling all day over the small stuff. 

So I am going to share with you why I love being an OBM today.

Why I Love Being An OBM:

One of my favorite tasks to do as an OBM is to jump on a strategy call with a client. During our time together, they tell me about their goals, and I pitch the ideas and provide the roadmap that will help us reach and exceed their expectations. Watching my clients’ faces light up with excitement when I pitch an idea they love is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I also take pride in reinforcing their goals and explaining how we’ll make them a reality.

No two days are the same in OBM world. There’s always something new to learn. This makes for a varied, challenging, and satisfying career that’s always evolving.

Freedom and Flexibility

Yes, I did mention previously that I love the freedom and flexibility that I have as an independent contractor so, let me touch on this. I love being very selective with the few clients that I work with. I want to make sure our personalities and values align. 

That being said I work hard for your business and achieving your goals by being an integrator to ensure everything works smoothly and is completed on time.  I set my own hours and terms, so I am not another hourly employee. 

Most OBMs work on a retainer. Or on a retainer + INCENTIVE basis.

I become a key player in your client’s success – so I get paid more as the business makes more money. So I am driven by the success of your business! 

If you are looking for a dependable partner in your business or just feel stuck. Feel free to hop on a quick 30-minute call with me to get you excited and passionate about your future goals ahead!

As OBMs, we almost have to know more than our clients to properly manage their business, because we’re providing the strategy and guiding them along every step of their journey to success.

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