Why Every OBM Needs ClickUp Templates

You know that feeling when you absolutely nail a project? The client is happy with your work, each task was delivered on time and you stayed within budget. It’s that feeling of accomplishment that had us wondering, why doesn’t every project work out that well? Beyond the challenges that are out of your control, think about what hinders you from making each project better than the last. We came up with a few of our own…

  • Forgot the process that made the last project so great.
  • Failing to preplan each task.
  • Missing task deadlines.
  • Lost train of thought while getting a coffee refill or a child asking you to open some fruit snacks

The list could go on, right? Life happens. So, we searched for a solution that was user-friendly, intuitive, and about as life-proof as you can ask a project management system to be. 

With ClickUp templates, project management is simplified. For days when your creative juices are running on empty, use the tools at hand and create your work with just a few clicks. On days when the creativity and caffeine are flowing, build a project template from scratch and save it for later use. 

If you’ve been looking for a system that allows you to put your project development on autopilot and save your winning methods to use again and again, ClickUp Templates is the tool to use. Once you’ve created your templates, you can use them multiple times to create new projects. No more wasted time on manually populating fields. 

Why every OBM needs ClickUp templates

How To Create Templates

Create a new template in ClickUp by utilizing an existing ‘project’ list or developing a template from scratch. When you use an existing list, any tasks and milestones previously completed will be repopulated anew. No matter which method you choose, you decide who gets to have access to and manage the project. 

You can ‘Copy’ any ClickUp List and simply  ‘Save as Template’ from the setting icon next to the list your working in. Templates can even be saved for critical time-saving purposes when you begin to build out new workspaces. You have more opportunities to customize the template, more automation, and advanced options that cut down on time spent on each project.

Benefits Of Templates

Each project is 100% customizable. Only include other ClickUp tools, like timekeeping, chats, files and tasks, when you want. Here are a few ways we’ve used Templates in ClickUp.

Marketing Campaigns

For those marketing pieces or campaigns you run each year, saved List Templates are the no-mess way of templating your work and automatically populating the fields when it’s time for the seasonal or annual event. With the ease of automation, repeat marketing campaigns are something you can easily delegate to another team member and stay focused on priority projects. 

Things you can include in your marketing campaigns

  1. Email templates and funnels
  2. Social media ad campaigns
  3. Marketing materials such as fliers and charts to reuse for upcoming years
Why every OBM needs ClickUp templates

Onboarding Made Easy

Your business is growing (Yesss!) and you want to make a great first impression with each new client. A save List Template allows you to build consistency with your onboarding process to ensure the client is confident in your skills and each team member understands their role. Creating an onboarding template makes accepting new clients easier and sets the tone for the professionalism you’ll deliver on each project.

Things you can include in your onboarding template:

  1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  2. Employee/Contractor List
  3. Templates for social media editorial calendar, launch template, and more

Lead Magnets & How-To Guides

Offering great advice to clients and other Online Business Managers should be as attractive as it is helpful. A template lets you create a starting point for How-To guides, lead magnets, and other freebies or membership docs you want to create for your website. 

Let us know how you use templates in ClickUp. Comment below with what you’ve tried and any helpful tips to make project management even easier.

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