Ashley is so awesome and she cares about my business as if it were her own. She take care of all the things that were driving me crazy in my business, tech, social media, and making a cohesive plan. Now all I have to focus on is what I do best, creating content. I highly recommend her!
Ashley has been a digital angel for me! She has brought clarity on how to proceed with big projects and professionally handled key pieces to keep my business moving forward helping me improve how I serve parents and children. I'm so thankful to find a talented, skilled partner to help me fulfill my passions by handling the difficult parts (ManyChat, Active Campaign, Word Press, Learn Dash, Dubsado, etc, etc) with such ease!
When I met Ashley, I was looking for someone to help me with videos online that I could trust. She was so knowledgeable, truth worthy and efficient! She goes beyond the call of duty and is so supportive of me growing my online business!
I've never had an assistant or trusted anyone to keep up to my quality of work or have the work ethic that I strive for with my clients so I was very apprehensive to hire anyone.
Working with Ashley has been an amazing first experience. She went over and above and worked with me to get the results I was looking for. So grateful and would recommend everyone to let go of their fears and get the extra hands on they need. I was able to knock out a 5 figure payday in 10 days because of the extra hands and support she offered!
Thank you Ashley @ The Virtual Momma!!
Amanda Kijek
Amanda Kijek
Coach & CEO of Amanda Kijek Coaching
Very pleased with Ashley's audit and suggestions in regards to my Pinterest account. Everything was done in a timely manner and she is always so helpful for further questions. I have started working through the checklist Ashley provided and am seeing some positive results already. Highly recommend. Thank you so much.
Ashley was so wonderful to work with! I felt like she really cared about helping me grow. She took a huge stress off my plate and took my Pinterest to another level. She really understands the pinterest algorithm. Ashley, was so easy to work with and she responded quickly to all my emails and questions. I also really appreciated her working with my budget. I would highly recommend working with her!
Ashley's analysis and suggestions have totally altered my Pinterest strategy. I've done a lot of research to learning Pinterest, but her explanations made it simple to understand and implement Ashley gave me tools to help me get more organized and to manage my business better- I highly recommend her services!
Ashley, is a very thorough lady and with her input, and me doing what so painstakingly pointed out, and making more use of Tailwind and better. Just to confirm that TW does work. Since I started with the Tailwind and Tribes my Pinterest views went up with more than 125k+ monthly viewers. This is proof that it does work and I am positive that I will be able to capitalize and do better now that I am retired and have ‘more’ time on hand to implement and work with Pinterest.
Anyone looking for help with your Pinterest account, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ashley, she’s the B.E.S.T.
Ashley is one of the hardest working go-getters I have ever met. Her ability to increase traffic and systemize your business is astounding. If you are looking for some who will bust their butt to help you achieve, Ashley is your girl! Keep on being amazing, Ashley!
Ashley is a Tailwind & Pinterest Guru! She was able to drive her website views to 10k plus in just a matter of months with the help of Pinterest and Tailwind! She is very knowledgeable when it comes to Tribes and Smartloops as well as SEO Optimization and more! I’ve worked with Ashley first-hand and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for help with Pinterest or Tailwind.
I've been working with Ashley for well over six months now, and am extremely happy! Her knowledge of social media, forward-thinking and true enthusiasm to help me reach my goals is amazing!!!
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