Setting Up a Work at Home Office

Setting Up a Work at Home Office

If you want to boost your productivity levels when working from home, it helps to set up an office. Having an area purely dedicated to working will help you to separate work from leisure.

The question is, how can you set up an effective home office environment? Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to set up a work at the home office and the key things to consider.

Consider how long you’ll be working from home

The first thing you need to think about is how long you’ll be working from home. If it’s only a very short period of time, it would be pointless investing in an entire home office set up. In this situation, it would be better to invest in just the essentials. This would include a quite and comfortable place where you can really focus without interruptions.

However, if you have the budget it could be worth setting up a permanent home office. That way, you’ll always have somewhere set up to work at home if needed.

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Making sure you have the right equipment

You’re going to need some level of equipment to work from home. At the very least, you’re going to need a laptop or desktop computer and a desk.

If you aren’t setting up a permanent home office, you can use things such as the dining room table or a makeshift bedroom office. Some people are even getting creative and using an ironing board as a stand-up desk option or my favorite thing is the Vivo Sit and stand desk. It allows me the flexibility to sit or to stand while working.

Setting Up a Work at Home Office

Ensure your space has plenty of natural sunlight

When you’re stuck indoors, you won’t be getting as much natural sunlight as you usually would. This can have an impact on how productive and motivated you are. Numerous studies have revealed the damaging impact limited natural daylight can have on workers in an office setting and the same applies at home.

So, make sure you’re going to be working in a part of the home which benefits from a lot of daylight. If there isn’t a space available, you might want to consider investing in a daylight bulb. These are designed to replicate natural daylight.

However, if you are working with sensitive information you want to be near the natural light but not have your computer screen facing the window.

Focus on comfort

Your home office should be a comfortable place you can work too. This means, providing plenty of support for your back if you’re working at a desk for example.

If you aren’t comfortable, you’re not going to get much work completed. You’ll also find it beneficial to surround yourself with things that make you happiest, such as photos of the family and plants or flowers. Some may say a plant is not necessary but plants and trees let of oxygen and they have been proven to lift moods.

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Overall this is the essential list of home office essentials to be most productive:

  1. A computer (additional monitor is beneficial for me, but some do fine just having their computer)
  2. Essential software including online security.
  3. Printer
  4. Surge Protector
  5. Paper Shredder
  6. High-speed Internet that is fast and reliable.
  7. Desk
  8. A good quality chair so you are comfortable if stuck sitting for long amounts of time
  9. File Cabinet or storage
  10. Telephone
  11. Adequate lighting
  12. A plant
Setting Up a Work at Home Office

These are some of the basics you should consider when setting up a home office. Whether you’re setting up a permanent or temporary office space, you need to ensure it has everything you need and it’s quiet and comfortable to work in.

Do you have any absolutely necessary items that you must have to work from home? Please share in the comments.



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