How to Be Productive Working at Home

productivity working at home

I have been working from home for five years and yes, it has its perks liking saving on gas and commute times. However, it can also be damaging to productivity.

The trouble is, up until now, you’ve associated your home as a space for relaxing. So, it can be difficult switching to a more productive mindset when you’re in the comfort of your home.

The good news is, there are ways to boost your productivity when remote working. Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to stay productive when working at home.

Working at home

De-clutter your workspace

You’re going to find it hard to stay productive if your workspace is cluttered. So, before you start, take time to clean up the area you’re planning on working in.

Get rid of any clutter and organize the space. The cleaner and tidier space the easier you’ll find it to focus on your work.

Take breaks to get outside

Suddenly being cooped up in the house all day can be detrimental to productivity. It can cause issues with low mood and leave you feeling less motivated to get through your workload.

By taking regular breaks and making time to get out into the yard, it can really boost those productivity levels. Spend just 10-15 minutes gardening or reading a book outdoors to help refresh productivity levels.

Always prepare for the day ahead

When you go out to work, you know there are things you need to do to get ready for the day. You have a routine that prepares you for work. However, when you start working from home you don’t really have that.

Rather than thinking you can now work in your pajamas all day, make the effort to get dressed. Create a morning routine, which sets you up for work. That way, you’ll find it much easier to stay productive if your mindset is geared towards work. 

Rough Schedule for Me

5 am start my day by getting ready and having a cup of coffee before waking up the kids.

5:30 am wake up the boys and feed them breakfast. They get dressed and off they go.

7 am start work

10 am break and go outside for a few minutes to stretch

12 pm Lunch

2 pm break and straighten up the house

4 pm off work and spend some time outside with the kids

6 pm dinner

7:30 pm start the bedtime routine.

Things to prepare the night before to save on time:

  1. Always prepare lunches the night before. Then the morning of you can just fill the lunchbox with everything you have prepared in the fridge, zip, and done. 
  2. Pick out your clothes and your children’s clothes the night prior. 
  3. Shower the night before, however, I need my showers in the morning to wake up so I sacrifice my breakfast which is often done while sitting at my desk working.

Utilize the power of nature

Did you know that plants and flowers can help you to feel more motivated? Adding them to your workspace can help to brighten up the working environment. Numerous studies have shown how effective greenery can be within an office environment. So, if you want an easy way to stay productive, add a few houseplants and flowers to your home office.

You can also utilize the power of scent too. In some countries, workplaces spray citrus scents to boost employee productivity. Try experimenting with different scents to see which ones make you work more efficiently.

office at home

Staying productive when working at home isn’t easy but it is doable. The above are some of the best methods you can try to increase those productivity levels. Taking regular breaks away from your computer is important, not just for productivity, but for your health too.

Do you have more productivity tips for working from home? I would love for you to share them below in the comments.



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