How to prevent Pinterest jail

How to prevent Pinterest jail by the Irish twins momma

What is Pinterest Jail?

In reality, it is that your Pinterest account has been suspended and the reason why has likely been emailed to you. There are tons of reasons why and some could be human error or robot error.

There are two different ways you can tell if your account has been suspended:

Account Suspension:

The account profile link would not be searchable on Pinterest, the account owner would not have access to his profile, but all links from pins saved on Pinterest by other users would be still active and driving traffic to the website.

Pinterest blocks the website:

Back in the Summer of 2018, there was a system “glitch” that caused hundreds of legit bloggers to have their sites blocked on Pinterest overnight (no email notifications were sent). Pinterest confirmed it was a glitch and reinstated all the accounts within 24-48 hours.

What happens in this case – all the limitations described above for the account suspension, but on top of that, all the pins that are linked to that domain are returning an error. It notifies users that the website is blocked for spam. This happens to all pins including those saved by the account owner and all repins linked to the same website. The result of getting your domain blocked is drastic! All traffic from Pinterest stops immediately and goes to ZERO. (Scary!)

Below I am going to tell you how to prevent this from happening to you and having a traffic nightmare.

How to prevent Pinterest jail by the irish twins momma


How to prevent your Pinterest account from being suspended

Pinterest accounts get suspended because they either get flagged by other users or receive too many DMCA complaints because they trigger some spam filters and sometimes it happens as a result of the system glitch.

We don’t know all the back-end details about Pinterest’s spam filters, but some information has been shared over time by users who have experienced one penalty or another.

  1. Read the Community guidelines page – everything that you’ll find on this page is very important and violations of these rules can get your account suspended. I would recommend you read the Spam and Quality section especially carefully.
  2. Use a business account and verify your domain if you use it to promote a website. Personal accounts used for commercial purposes are frequently shut down. You can also convert from personal accounts to business without losing your followers.
  3. Don’t use Pinterest messages to spam other users. This is a very bad idea, especially if you send links inside those messages. Even if users don’t flag you, Pinterest seems to have spam filters that get triggered by this behavior.
    1. TIP: When requesting to be added to a Group Board request by email.
  4. Don’t comment with the same text to repeatably in a short period of time, especially with links to your website. This is pure evil spam.
  5. Don’t use images of unknown origin and don’t use images you didn’t purchase. This one is serious! I believe that after 3 DMCA complaints your site can be suspended. Yes, mistakes happen.
    1. TIP: To minimize problems with DMCA complaints, don’t use images you found in Google. Use free or paid stock image sites and always have a proof inside your stock site account that you downloaded the image from there and what type of license you used.
  6. Don’t use any unauthorized software that automates your pinning or other activity on Pinterest that is not in the list of Authorized Marketing Partners. The most Pinterest-centered tool widely used for scheduling on Pinterest is Tailwind.
  7. Don’t pin the same pin multiple times in a short period (especially to the same board). If you are pinning with schedulers, make sure you understand how to use them because automation tools can save the same pins many times if you have a few settings done wrong.

Remember, if something like this happens to you, you can use your right to appeal and explain what you think is happening.

Also, spam filters can be triggered and your account can be suspended automatically. But if you appeal, at some point a real person will look at your account. And don’t expect that people working for Pinterest are not smart enough to see the difference between an account that got into trouble a couple of times by accident, and accounts that systematically use images and pins from other sites.



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