My Favorite Tailwind Tribes

Finding Tailwind tribes to join is pretty straightforward. In this section, I’ll take you through two different strategies that you can use to find the best tribes to join.

Search and Join

Firstly, there’s the good old search and join method. Navigate yourself to Tribes > Find A Tribe and search a few keywords related to your niche.

  • If you’re in the fashion niche, search keywords like “fashion,” “style,” “personal style,” and specific items like “shoes” and “bags” if you are interested in posting about them.
  • If you’re a recipe blogger, search keywords like “recipes,” “food,” “yum,” “slow cooker,” “keto,” “vegan,” “instapot,” “air fryer,” or any specific keyword that you blog about and that fits your niche.
  • If you’re in the parenting niche, search keywords like “mom,” “parenting,” “mom hacks,” “children,” “mom guilt,” “mom selfcare,” “mom life,” or any specific keyword that are related and fit within your niche.

Get invited through a blog post:

The second way is to join group boards through other member’s invitations. It is especially useful because people often compile lists of tribes that perform exceptionally well for themselves. Sometimes, you can even get added to tribes that are either private or that can’t be found via searching! Often, these tribes perform very well.

You can find blog posts with a list of tribes by merely typing “Tailwind Tribes list” on Pinterest or Google and clicking on a few search results. This is what you should be seeing:

pinterest search results for the best Tailwind Tribes to boost traffic

You can find hundreds of different tribes this way. You can also add a few descriptive keywords that relate to your niche so that you can find precisely the tribes that you need.

I have also added 80+ different tribes for you to join further down, so head there if you want the quickest access to tribes!

Getting Accepted to Tailwind Tribes

Getting Accepted to Tailwind Tribes

Usually, there are plenty of instantly accessible tribes for bloggers to join whatever their niche. However, maybe you’ve spotted a great tribe that’s closed to the public, and you want to join it.

To do this, you need to apply to become a member, much like with Pinterest group boards.

It can be frustrating to apply to boards and get rejected over and over, but remember that it’s a numbers game. The more tribes you apply to, the more you’ll get accepted too.

Here are a few useful tips to help you draft your proposal:

Always think what’s in it for the TRIBE OWNER. They probably get multiple requests to join every single week. Write with the tribe owner in mind and try to put yourself in their shoes – what would be the ideal message that you could receive from other people wanting to join your tribe if you were them?

Mention any key benefits that you can bring to the tribe: do you have a massive reach or following on Pinterest? Have you had any viral pins in the past? Are you an active member of other tribes and pin other’s content consistently? Mention these things in your message!

Keep your message short, simple, and punchy – talk about what benefits you can bring to the tribe, but don’t layout your life story!

However, if you’re a new blogger, you don’t need to emphasize these things as much. You can say that you have a lot of great content that would fit the tribe (if you do) and link to those blog posts.

It’s not enough to say that you’re in the same niche as the tribe, and you’d like to join – you need to emphasize how you can be an asset to the tribe owner and the overall tribe.

Finding the Best Tailwind Tribes

My strategy with Tribes is to go after both tribes that get my pins in front of the most eyes possible (highest average reach per pin) and that have the highest virality (highest amount of repins).

To see which tribes perform the best, I will go through all my tribes according to their category and underline the tribes that get the most virality with one color and the tribes that get the highest average reach per pin with another color.

Only compare tribes from the same niche with each other, because otherwise, you might end up sabotaging your success.

No two niches have the same virality and ARP scores. For example, my fashion tribes have high ARP and virality scores, whereas my home decor ARP and virality scores are very low.

Top 80+ Tailwind Tribes

My Favorite TOP Performing Tribes:

Note: All of these tribes were available to join at the time of writing this post. If you receive an error message when searching for the Tribe in Tailwind, the tribe may have been removed, or it may have been made private. If this should happen, please choose another. I will try to keep them updated.

All Niche Tribes

  1. #BadassCreatives
  2. All Niches! Promote, Grow and Learn
  3. Bloggers Come Together
  4. Blogging Friends
  5. Bloggers Killing It on Pinterest
  6. Bloggers Unite Tribe
  7. Caffeinated and Conquer | Grow Your Blog
  8. Pinterest Friends
  9. Team Work Pinning
  10. Striving Bloggers
  11. Adrian’s Tribe – All niches
  12. MomJunky’s Best of the Best Including Crafts, Parenting, Travel, Beauty, and Keto and Recipes

Beauty Tribes

  1. Beauty Bloggers Tribe
  2. Fashion & Beauty Tribe
  3. Beauty & Makeup
  4. Fashion, Beauty, Style
  5. Steal The Style: Fashion & Beauty

Blogging & Online Business Tribes

  1. Blogging Friends Pin
  2. Blogging + Income Tips, Strategies
  3. Blogging Success
  4. Bloggers Unite Tribe
  5. HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive
  6. Small Business
  7. Profitable Blogging Tips
  8. Action-Taking Business Owners Community
  9. Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe
  10. Blogger’s Chalkboard
  11. Blogging for business: Promote your blog
  12. Blogging Tips
  13. Business Bloggers Share the Love
  14. Striving Bloggers

Books Tribes

  1. Books
  2. Christian Bloggers: Book Club

Crafts / DIY Tribes

  1. #BadassCreatives
  2. All Things Crafty
  3. Crafts & Decor
  4. DIY Bloggers
  5. Organize Your Life
  6. Viral craft pins 1000 repins+

Faith Tribes

  1. Christian Bloggers
  2. Faith Blogger Pins

Fashion Tribes

  1. Fashion & Beauty Tribe
  2. Fashion, Beauty, Style (hosted by
  3. Fashion & Style
  4. Fashion And Style Bloggers
  5. Ladies Fashion Bloggers
  6. “Over 40” Fashion Bloggers

Food & Recipes Tribes

  1. #BloggersGetSocialFoodies
  2. Mmmmm Recipes
  3. Fabulous Food Pinners
  4. Favourite Food Bloggers
  5. Food & Recipes (hosted by
  6. Healthy Food Tribe
  7. Paleo and Gluten-free Lifestyle
  8. Slow Cooker / Instant Pot Recipes

Health, Wellness, & Fitness Tribes

  1. Create a Healthy Lifestyle
  2. Everything Yoga
  3. Healthy Eats/Fitness
  4. Health & Fitness Bloggers
  5. Fitness Tribe

Home Decor Tribes

  1. Blogger Home Decor
  2. Farmhouse Rustic Decor
  3. Home Design & DIY
  4. Homemaking

Parenting Tribes

  1. Practical Mommy Lifestyle
  2. Everything Baby
  3. Natural Birth, Breastfeeding and the 4th Trimester
  4. Oh, Baby Baby!
  5. Special Needs Parenting
  6. What Matters to Mommy
  7. Mommy is a blogger
  8. Moms Helping Moms

Personal Finance Tribes

  1. Money Matters
  2. Frugality and Personal Finance
  3. Everything Money
  4. Budget Travel & Lifestyle [Mappin Monday Tribe]

Travel Tribes

  1. #BloggersGetSocial Travel
  2. Budget Travel & Lifestyle [Mappin Monday Tribe]
  3. Dream.Pin.Go. [Mappin Monday Tribe]
  4. Travelling around the world
  5. _Travel_
  6. Wanderlust & Foodie Lovers Tribe
  7. Family Travel & More

Wedding Tribes

  1. Marriage
  2. DIY Wedding Bloggers

I will try to keep this updated with only Tailwind Tribes that have over a 1+ virality. If you have some that recommend, please post them in the comments for us to check out.

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