SOPs all small business owners need

SOPs all Small Business Owners Need

We all have this dream of building a profitable business that works without us yet most business owners get trapped in their businesses. They can’t step away from for more than a day or two. They have built a machine that depends upon them and now they’re stuck. Worst still, this is directly opposite to what they were looking …

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All About A Business Consultant

All About a Business Consultant

Being a Certified Online Business Manager I often get asked about providing business consulting services so today I am going to share all about what a business consultant does and how business consultants can help your business. What is a Business Consultant? Business consultants provide management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. …

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Reasons why your business needs SOPs

Reasons Why Your Business Needs SOPs

SOPs, also known as Standard Operating Procedures are more important than you may realize. Try and picture a world where operating procedures don’t exist. A world where car manufacturers don’t have standardized procedures for quality assurance and maintenance crews don’t follow strict checklists when inspecting an aircraft. You wouldn’t want to ride that car, nor …

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