Understanding the Benefits of Tailwind Tribes

Understanding the benefits of tailwind tribes by the Virtual Momma

Tailwind tribes have been a great asset to me for growing my traffic over on my blog, The Irish Twins Momma. Once you understand Tailwind and a bit about SEO your site too can take off. I wanted to help you today understand Tailwind tribes so you can use them to grow your followers and traffic to your websites as well.

What is Tailwind Tribes:

Tribes, at their most basic level, are groups of users within Tailwind. Tribes are a place where like pinners can add content that everyone in the group can easily access. 

The same concept of a group board applies: you can invite and manage users; any user can upload content; all users have access to that content to pin to their other boards. The beautiful thing about having Tribes is that you can gather high-quality content, pre-sorted, and quickly add it to your queue. One of the most significant features is the way you can share content with other like-minded pinners.

You can share your content with your Tribe, and, hopefully, they will then pin that content to a variety of boards that may be outside your current circle of exposure in the Pinterest world.

Why should I use Tailwind Tribes:

The first of which is the ease of use in terms of gathering quality content. Tailwind is an excellent service that aims to make life easier and more successful for its users. Tribes make it easy to assemble pre-sorted content. The second reason, I suggest you hurry up and get on board the Tribes bandwagon is for the exposure of your content. All of these other bloggers and business people are LOOKING FOR  YOUR CONTENT. They want quality, beautiful, delicious-looking, creative content to fill their queues!

Joining Tribes that have awesome pinners gathering content can help your pins gain momentum. Finally, Tailwind Tribes are a great way to gather viral content for your boards that will result in more followers and traffic to your website.

Have you joined Tailwind yet? Click here to get a FREE trial.

Understanding the Benefits of Tailwind Tribes by the vitual momma

Join Tribes:

Once you have Tailwind setup, you are going to want to join tribes that are related to your niche.

Find a tribe

Watch The Tribe Rules:

Understanding your tribe number by the Virtual Momma

The red bubble to the left shows how many times you have had a pin repinned within that tribe.

-The green bars show how active that tribe is.

– The gray and green capsule shows you how many you have shared with the tribe, and then on the greenside, it shows how many you have pinned of other people’s content.

– If there is red instead of green, then you are not following the tribe rules, which are often to keep a 1:1 ratio between your pins being shared with the sharing of other’s pins.

** Be sure to read the tribe rules when joining**

Tailwind Tribe PowerUps:

Tailwind Power Ups by the Virtual MommaThe great thing about PowerUps is that they allow you to get more out of the Tailwind features that you love! Even though you get 5 Tribes with the Plus plan, maybe you want more! Tailwind has a solution for that! PowerUps give you the option to get more of your favorite features.

PowerUp Options:

There are quite a few different PowerUps available. There are Tribes PowerUps, SmartLoop PowerUps, and then PowerUp Bundles, which a combination of the two, which give you the most bang for your buck.

As of Feb 2020, these the current options:

Monthly PowerUps:

Tailwind Monthly PowerUps

Annual PowerUps:

Tailwind yearly powerups

PowerUp Bundle:

The Unlimited PowerUp Bundle will save you $360 a year while giving you access to unlimited SmartLoop posts, unlimited Tribes memberships, and unlimited Tribes submissions! However, it is billed yearly instead of monthly. Here’s the breakdown of the pricing:Unlimited Powerup Deal

Is Tailwind worth it in the end?

Overall, Tailwind is a great way to gain momentum and put your content in front of lots of other eyes, all without spending too much extra time. Using Tribes to gather content for your queue can save you time versus scouring Pinterest for quality pins from similar sites! Only like two hours a week and you are set!

If you require assistance with your Pinterest or Tailwind account, I offer my services in this area. I specialize in Tailwind and Pinterest overhauls. If you need help setting tailwinds up, I also provide this as a service.



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  1. That’s such a hot topic as more and more bloggers are popping all over the world. It is super important to be a part of active tribes. Only then the power ups and upgrades are worth it.

  2. I am so on the fence of paying for something that I can seemingly do myself. Your post was very informative though and I think I might be convinced! Thank you!

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