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Meet Ashley

As a business owner, wife, mom, and daughter, I’m familiar with the juggling act required of a working parent. I understand the long hours, hard work, and the drive that goes into running your business.

As an Certified Online Business Manager (cOBM), I feel honored that you’re considering my business to assist yours. My business is run intentionally and confidently, with services that help take yours to the next level.

I believe that an OBM is a teammate, a support system, and a person there to answer any questions. I believe that an OBM is a powerful tool for any business to utilize to help them reach the goals they’ve set. Together, your projects and business will be thoughtfully supported.

My Why

Both my boys were born in 2016, however, I never thought I would go back into an office. I became a certified medical coder in 2015 so when we had children I would be able to work-from-home.

When my job was downsizing and having layoffs. That’s when it hit me that I must either start applying in order to still provide for my family. Let’s face it, it’s super hard to live off one income in today’s world.

After some soul searching, it became clear that I could use my skills and corporate experience to help other business owners scale their businesses and give them back more time in their lives!

Why Me

Unlike other business and blog managers, I have been in the blogging world since 2019 and became a cOBM in 2020 after falling in love with automation and metrics. I work with you to ensure your brand and analytics are carefully watched to evaluate the most optimal next steps.

With my ability to educate and analyze data, assist in daily operations, and overhaul your systems and integrate new tools allows you, the owner, to focus on the things you love to do!

My Personality

Kolbe-A Score


16 Personalities


Enneagram Report

The Entertaining Optimistic, Type 7 (97%)

The Supportive Advisor, Type 2 (74%)

The Peaceful Mediator, Type 9 (74%)


You’re highly dependable at providing comprehensive methods for monitoring activity. Others can count on you to plan thoroughly, coordinate details, and be pragmatic in the use of diagrams and schedules you create.

Consuls’ traits are so strongly expressed, leading with practical sense and social vigor, the careers they find most satisfying usually revolve around making the best use of these qualities. Consuls are well-organized, enjoying bringing order and structure to their workplaces, and often work best in environments with clear, predictable hierarchies and tasks. Monotony and routine work are not a challenge for the Consul personality type, as they are happy to do what needs to be done.

Type Sevens want to have fun and fill themselves up by enjoying a wide variety of experiences. They want to keep their options open, enjoy life to the fullest, and escape all internal pain and anxiety.

Twos are people who see the world through relationships and define themselves through their service to others. They may be selfless, loving, and giving.

Type Nines are people who are very receptive to their environment and downplay their own presence. They can be loving, down-to-earth, modest, and trusting.


Problem Solver


Time Keepers


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